Benchtop Analyzers for Petrophysics Applications

R2 MR Core Analyzer : Entry Level 2MHz Core Analyzer complete with everything required to perform the common core analysis experiments.

R4 MR Core Analyzer : Fully Specified Core Analyzer.  Includes full suite of RF Probes (1", 1.5" and 3"), core handling solution and calibration standards.

Benchtop Analyzers for Quality Control and Research Applications

R2 MR Benchtop Analyzer : Benchtop NMR Analyzers equipped with probes up to 60 mm diameter.

R4 MR Benchtop Analyzer : Benchtop NMR Analyzer for more sophisticated Reseach Applications. Options include Gradient Control, VT and Multi Nuclear probes.

NMR/MRI Spectrometers

R2 Spectrometer : A low cost, fully function stand alone spectrometer system for simple FID, T1 and CPMG experiments.

R3 Spectrometer : 4 channel stand alone spectrometer system supplied in integrated portable case.

R4 Spectrometer : Fully featured stand alone spectrometer for the most sophisticated experiments including MRI applications.

  Open NMR Software Suite : Software to Control the Rx Series of Spectrometer Electronics.


Calibration Standards : Standards for Core Analysis and Quality Control Applications.

R1 Supervisor Board : For the Control of Ancillary Hardware used in NMR Applications.

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