R4 Spectrometer

The R4 Spectrometer is a compact, advanced spectrometer board for NMR and MRI applications.

Sophisticated FPGA based Spectrometer Electronics for NMR and MRI applications.
Frequency Operation up to 150MHz. Three RF Output Channels. Two Receiver Channels.
Shaped RF and Amplitude Control.
Integrated 1D Gradient Channel with Full Shaped Gradient Capability, Over 100K of Shape Points Available.
High Capacity Data Memory. Probe Tuning Capability (Wobble).
Optional 3D Gradient Channel Board for MRI Applications.
19" Rack Mounted Case, or Customised Cases On Request (Eurocard Sized, 100mmx160mm).
USB 2.0 Communications to Host PC. Dummy Scans, External Mains Trigger and I/O Capability.
Precise Repetition Times and Pulse Sequence Timing Control.
Fully Pulse Programmable via the OpenNMR Software Suite.
Customised Firmware Available on Request.

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