R4 MR Benchtop Analyzer

The R4 MR Benchtop Analyzer is a fully featured benchtop Magnetic Resonance system, with 20MHz magnet, a range of variable temperature probes and gradients.

20MHz Magnet Capable of 18mm VT, 18mm Standard and 10 mm Probe Operation.
25W or 250W RF Amplifier Option. Multinuclear Probe Capability. Shaped RF and Amplitude Control.
1D Gradients up to 200G/cm with Full Shaped Gradient Capability, Over 100K of Shape Points Available.
Full Real Time Gradient Temperature Monitoring.
Compact Gradient/VT unit Allows Remote Control of Sample Temperature from Host PC.
High Capacity Data Memory. Probe Tuning Capability (Wobble).
R1 Supervisor Board Ensures Full System Monitoring including Magnet Temperature and Voltage Rails.
USB 2.0 Communications to Host PC. Dummy Scans, External Mains Trigger and I/O Capability.
Precise Repetition Times and Pulse Sequence Timing Control. Fully Pulse Programmable via the OpenNMR Software Suite.
Calibration Package for Simple Standard MR Experiments (eg Solid Fat Content).
Full Scripting Package Available, With Easy to Use Interface to Common Control Applications (Microsoft Excel, MatLab etc).

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