R2 MR Core Analyzer

The R2 MR Core Analyzer is a complete core analysis solution for the non expert user. In minutes new users unfamiliar with Magnetic Resonance can use the R2 MR Core Analyzer to produce porosity measurements, porosity partioning and permeability modelling on a suite of cores, and produce a complete automated report using the AMR Petro-MR software suite.

The R2 MR Core Analyzer comes equipped with everything the user needs to start performing core analysis experiments. Just add a Host PC, and, of course, the cores.

Low Cost, Entry Level Complete Core Analysis Solution.
Capable of Common Core Analysis Experiments including CPMG (T2) and T1 Measurements.
2MHz Magnet with Probe Size to Allow 1", 1.5" and 2" Cores.
Optional Adaptors to Allow Smaller Cores in Large Probes.
Core Analysis Program Design Software Including Database.
Complete Set of Calibration Standards for Accurate Porosity Measurements.
Complete Set of Core Holders for Specified Probes.
Benchtop Format, Analyser Footprint Less than 0.5m.
Complete with Automated Porosity and T2 Distribution Analysis Software.
Software Implements Common Permeability Models and T2 Distribution Partioning.

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