R1 Supervisor Board

The R1 Supervisor Board is an easy to use interface board to control ancillary equipment used for NMR experiments. The Board interfaces to the Host PC via a dedicated USB 2.0 Link and can be accessed via the OpenNMR Software Suite.

USB Controller Supervisor Board for Control of Peripheral Hardware used in NMR Experiments.
5x Voltage Rail Monitoring Inputs / Low Voltage ADC Inputs.
4x DACs to Drive Shim Power Supplies. 3x PT100 Temperature Sensor Inputs.
Control Interface to Popular TOMCO NMR RF amplifiers.
2x High Power Relay Outputs (to drive RF Relays etc).
2x Low Power I/O (to drive solid state relays).
16 Lines of General Purpose I/O. SPI Interface. I2C Interface. RS232 Interface.
Fan Controller and Fan Rotation Monitor.
All Devices Accessible from the Open NMR Software Suite on the Host PC.
Interfaces/Interlocks to R2 and R4 Spectrometer Electronics.
Available as Part of an R2/R4 Spectrometer Electronics Package or as a Stand Alone Board.

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