Petrophysics Applications

AMR's R2 MR Core Analyzers and R4 MR Core Analyzers Provide Complete Solutions for Laboratory Core Analysis Applications from Both A Software and Hardware Perspective

Automated Core Analysis for Calibration of Well Logs.Integrated Core Database Application and Reporting

Porosity Typing, BVI/FFI Estimation, CBW Estimation. Saturation Profiling
Single and Multi Dimensional Exponential Analysis

Software Referencing to Other Techniques, Including BSEI and MICP and Implements all Common MR Core Applications

 All Systems Provided as Complete Core Analysis Solutions Including Standards and Core Holders and AMR Petro-MR

Magnetic Field Gradient and High Temperature/Pressure Holders for Downhole Experiment Simulation


AMR Petro-MR allows visualisation of multi modalities simultaneously. Here MICP porosity data is referenced to MR porosity,
while BSE images are displayed. Users can move easily between different data sets, allowing all information on a particular core to be fully utilized in the interpretation.

AMR Petro-MR allows rapid visualisation of MR data. Here a global T2 cutoff is varied interactivity,
 and the effect on a CT permeability model investigated.

About Magnetic Resonance in Petrophysics Analysis

Magnetic Resonance has now become an established technique in well logging. Applications downhole include porosity, permeability and hydrocarbon typing.

Laboratory magnetic resonance core analysis provides a valuable reference point for well log data, and in addition allows additional experiments such as saturation profiling and wettability investigations that are difficult/impossible to perform downhole.

Advanced Magnetic Resonances R2 MR Core Analyzers and R4 MR Core Analyzers come complete with core scanning and petrophysical interpretation software. Core analysis can be performed on a wide variety of core sizes under varying conditions via the use of reservoir condition emulation core holders.

R2 MR Core Analyzers are an entry level solution, allowing a core analysis laboratory to establish NMR capability at relatively low cost. R4 MR Core Analyzers offer additional research capability for more sophisticated experiments.

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