Food Science Applications

Fast, Non Destructive Fat and Water Content Determinations in Wide Range of Different Systems.
No Sample Drying Required Due to Advanced Analysis Methods

% Oil Content Determination for Oil in Seeds

SFC (Solid Fat Content) Measurement

Sodium and Phosphorous Content Measurement

Measurement of the diffusion coefficent of sodium reflecting sodium ion mobility in a food product using the R2 Analyzer

About Magnetic Resonance in Food Analysis

Magnetic Resonance provides a rapid, non destructive method for food characterisation. Water and oil content can be measured by using the MR signal from different timescales.

Typically a reference sample set is provided which is used to produce a calibration. Unknown samples can then be measured against this calibration. Analysis times vary depending on sample type, but are typically of the order of a few minutes or seconds. MR is a volume technique, and is surface independent, unlike NIR.

The AMR R2 MR Benchtop Analyzer and R4 MR Benchtop Analyzer contain all the features necessary for both quality control measurements and product characterisation applications.

 Systems are supplied with a full range of calibration/check standards and all the necessary software.

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