AMR DataBase : Advanced Scientific Databasing

The AMR Database is an SQL based Database for the storage of multi modality scientific data.

Store 3 column (Channel X (Time), Channel A, Channel B) data of any type, along with parameters, units and notes.

Multi dimensional data sets can be created with the series function.

Group data sets to arbitrary depth using the collection functions.

Parameter only data sets can be created.

Arbitrary file types can be added (pdf, word documents, images).

Database functionality can be accessed via an easy to use DLL which does not require specialist database knowledge.

DLL calling function examples available for Excel and other common software packages.

Example Excel demonstration spreadsheets available on request.

Comprehensive Database management tool for Database maintenance. 

Simple search tools included to allow users to search on parameters.

Fully Functional Copies of the AMR Database and a Demonstration Core Analysis Database are Available from this Website.

Contact Us for Prices, Delivery Times and Additional Specifications/Information.

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