DEEPER : Advanced Multi Modality Data Analysis

DEEPER is a data analysis package designed to analyze and display multi modality data sets with particular emphasis on petrophysics.
 In addition to its NMR functionality, DEEPER allows the display of data from other modalities such as MICP, imaging and other spectroscopic applications.
 DEEPER also allows the cross correlation of parameters from other modalities.

Move between large numbers of data sets with a single mouse click. Display and analyze data the way you wish, with multiple display options.

Invert all data sets simultaneously, with a number of different ILT algorithms, including the Lexus algorithm from Laplacian.
Discrete exponential analysis is also included as standard. Allows multi dimensional inversion as well as zonal porosity typing.

View Composite Data with a choice of parameters (here NMR T2 distribution and helium porosity is shown).

View NMR Distribution Data in Conjuction with SEM images to aid interpretation...

...and add in further modalites such as MICP and XRD if required.

Correlate parameters across modalities (for example NMR porosity and helium porosity).
Results window allows entry of equations, such as permeability models.

Export all data automatically to Excel, Open Office with a single button click...